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Ysgol Panteg values the fundamental rights of freedom of speech, expression of beliefs and ideology and tolerance of others which are the core values of our democratic society. However, all rights come with responsibilities and free speech or beliefs designed to manipulate the vulnerable or which advocate harm or hatred towards others will not be tolerated. We always seek to protect our pupils and staff from all messages and forms of extremism and ideologies. We use opportunities within the curriculum to explore and challenge these topics and to promote the values of democracy and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. Ysgol Panteg is clear that exploitation and radicalisation will be viewed as a safeguarding concern and will be referred to the appropriate safeguarding agencies. 


Designated members of staff within the school as well as members of the Governing Body have received Prevent training in order to recognise the signs, offer support and guidance and act appropriately to mitigate the effects off possible radicalisation.