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Junior Christmas Concerts arrangements

It’s the week of the junior department Christmas concerts and the children are very excited to put on a good show for you all.  Please see below for the arrangements for the week.


Daytime performances

Children will need to wear their school uniform to school on both Wednesday and Thursday and please bring their Christmas jumpers/t shirt to change into just before the performance.


You will be able to collect your child after the performance if you wish.  We ask you to collect the children from their normal classroom door.  If you wish to collect other siblings please do not knock on the doors of the other classrooms or go to the office.  You will need to liaise with your child’s class teacher at collection time, then your child will be sent to collect their siblings and bring them back to their classroom and exit there.




Evening performances

We strongly encourage everyone to bring their children to the evening performances so that we can put on a consistently good show for parents that can only attend in the evening.  Whilst we understand that some parents have genuine reasons for not bringing their children to the evening performances (including those attending the gymnastics competition) and we totally understand and support those, it is essential for the children with a speaking part to attend to ensure a smooth and consistent show, we sincerely hope you can support us and your children in producing four great shows.

Children should arrive to school by 5.30pm please already wearing their Christmas jumpers/t shirts.


Children will once again need to be collected from the classrooms at the end of the evening shows.



Tickets for the shows

We have sold out of every performance except for the Thursday 1.30pm show.  We have a waiting list of people that would like tickets for the sold out shows so if you have any spare, please let us know asap, we are happy to refund.  On the night some parents will be waiting to see if any tickets come available due to last minute changes, so please once again let us know if there are any spare tickets on the door.

Finally, the office staff are receiving constant phone calls and emails asking for tickets for the concerts, please be patient with us as some (but not all) parents are venting their frustration when we cannot help.


STEM club is cancelled – For the children that attend STEM club on Thursdays, it is cancelled this week due to the show.


Thank you all for your support, we hope you all enjoy the shows.