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Gwaith Cartref/Homework - 21/09/2018

Gwaith Cartref/ Homework - 27/09/2018


Gwaith cartref yr wythnos hon yw gweithio trwy'r gweithgareddau lluosi. Mae yna amryw o gwestiynau er mwyn gryfhau dealltwriaeth. Gweler yr atodiadau isod
This weeks homework is to work through the multiplication activities. There are variouse types of questions to strengthen understanding. See the attachments below.
Thank you

Gwaith cartref / Homework - 14/03/19

Gwaith Cartref/ Homework - 04/10/2018
This week’s homework is to consider the effects of modern-day technology. In their homework books children are to record what they feel are the positive and negative effects of technology. This could be done via pictures, sentences or a collage.

Gwaith cartref/Homework 11/10/2018

Gwaith cartref / homework 18/10/18


Yr wythnos hon allwch chi wneud arbrawf gwyddoniaeth lle rydych chi'n dod o hyd i eitemau o gwmpas y tŷ sy'n ddi-draidd (opaque), dryloyw (transparent), dryleu (translucent). A allech chi wneud tabl yn eich llyfrau gwaith cartref a didoli'r eitemau yn y grwpiau hynny.



This week can you make a science experiment in which you find items around the house that are di-dradd (opaque), dryloyw (transparent), dryleu (translucent). Could you make a table in your homework books and sort the items into those groups.

Thank you

Gwaith cartref / Homework 25/10/18


We will be studying the First World War after half term and we would like the children to do a bit of research in order to help them compose an acrostic poem. For example:
Wandering bombs wander the sky
Over the battlefield as they fly
Racing the planes as they fly through the air
Leading them all into deeper despair
Dangerous bombs from a dangerous jet
Walkers and trenches are covered in sweat
Attacking the soldiers with tactics and guns
Rarely they win when everyone runs!


Diolch / Thank you

Gwaith Cartref/Homework 08/11/2018

Gwaith cartref / Homework 15/11/18


Next week in our English lesson we are beginning to writing a monologue about The Great War. Therefore the homework for this week is to write in your homework books a list of possible adjectives, similes and onomatopoeia's that would enhance the vocabulary of your monologue.


Diolch / Thank you


Gwaith Cartref/ Homework 29.11.2018 - Dysgu'r geiriau ar gyfer prawf wythnos nesaf - Learn spellings ready for a test next week

Gwaith Cartref / Homework 07/12/18


This week in maths we have been working out budgets for spending in various situations.


This week we would like you to imagine you have £10 to spend on groceries. We would like you to write down what you would buy, how much it costs, what was your total cost and how much you have left over. 


You could do this next time you go shopping or you could even go online.


Diolch / Thank you

Gwaith cartref / Homework 19/12/18


Dear parents


Homework for the Christmas period is to write a diary extract (in Welsh and no longer than 300 words!) during the children’s Christmas holidays highlighting their experiences and feelings over this festive season.


Kind regards


Mr Rainsbury, Miss Soper and Mr Evans

Gwaith cartref/Homework 10/01/2019

Gwaith cartref wythnos yma yw dysgu sut i sillafu'r geiriau ac ysgrifennu yn eich llyfrau gwaith cartref yn defnyddio llawysgrifen llawen. Gweler yr atodiad uchod.


This weeks homework is to learn how to spell the words and write them in your homework books using the joined up handwriting. See the attachments above

Gwaith cartref / Homework - 16/01/19 



Gwaith cartref yr wythnos yma yw gwneud yr arbrofion sain sydd ar y QR code canlynol:-


This week's homework is to re-create the sound experiments on the following QR code:-

Picture 1

Gwaith Cartref/Homework 07/02/2019



Gwaith cartref / Homework - 14/02/19


Given as year 4 visited the library today, this weeks homework is to either write a letter of thanks to the library, or to write a review of the first chapter of a book.


Diolch / Thank you

Gwaith cartref / Homework - 14/02/19

Gwaith Cartref/ Homework - 30/04/2019

Gwaith Cartref / Homework 07/06/19

Using the 'advert imovie planner' document, plan an advert for any product of your choosing


Diolch / Thank you

Gwaith cartref / homework 28/06/19

There will be a spelling test next week. Please practice in preparation