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School Dinners / Cinio Ysgol

Free school meals during the COVID-19 outbreak



The school operates Torfaen's cashless catering system, no cash can be accepted onsite. 

Current prices are £2.30 for Reception to Year 2 pupils and £2.40 for Years 3 to 6.

Parents must ensure there are adequate funds on their child's account before they order their school meal during morning registration. Parents can monitor the account balances via the online Torfaen payments system (the instructions for setting up the payment system are shown below).

Torfaen have a strict payment policy (document below).  Ysgol Panteg will adhere to these rules and if there are no funds available will call parents to provide a packed lunch until the problem is rectified.

If you are unsure on how to set up the accounts, then school office staff will happy to talk you through the process.  If you are having difficulty with technical problems or finding out account balances you will need to speak to the catering department directly on 01633 647726 or email

Torfaen have produced a short video on You Tube on how to make your first payment, please click on the link below to watch the video 

How to set up an online payment account (saves your child's account details & allows you to monitor balances)

Torfaen's School Meal income Collection Policy

Free School Meals

If you believe that you should be entitled to free school meals for your child, please contact the Shared Benefits Service on 01495 766349/766570 or email 

Please note that payment for your child's meals will be required until the free school meal award has been made.  You will be notified by benefits department of the award and the school will confirm the start date of the award.

Food Allergies/Special Menu requirements

Torfaen catering have a policy for providing a special menu for pupils that have a medical need or have religious, cultural or ethical reasons.  Please click on the link below to access more information.

Bwydlen/Current Menu